Stronger in 60 Seconds: A simple cue for staying upright when you squat

When the weight gets heavy, staying upright can be a real challenge.

This is one of my favorite cues to prevent pitching forward.

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Out of the hole, lead with your head and upper back to prevent pitching forward.

On the left I maintain an upright posture. Out of the hole I initiate by driving my chin and traps into the bar like I’m trying to flick it off my back.

On the right, I lead with my hips causing me to pitch forward.

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2 thoughts on “Stronger in 60 Seconds: A simple cue for staying upright when you squat

  1. Stephen Vajda

    I’m not nearly as strong as they guys in the photos but:
    1) Both guys have their wrists bent which causes “golfers elbow’
    2) To avoid falling forward I bring my chest up to arch my back and lead with my hips per Starting Strength.

    Best regards,


    1. Post author

      Hi Steve, thanks for the reply.

      Having your wrist bent won’t inherently cause golfers elbow. A neutral wrist position might work best for some, but not necessarily for everyone.

      Starting Strength is a great book. I think that it’s great for teaching beginners how to squat.

      I find that many lifters who lead with their hips tend to pitch forward more when the weight gets heavy. Squat technique is very individual — over time and with experience, it’s important to find what works best for you.

      In this article you can see many of the best squatters of all time have their own individual technique.


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