Stronger in 60 Seconds: Maximize Your Squat with “The Three P’s”

Maximize Your Squat with “The Three P’s”

Having a tight upper back is crucial for maintaining good posture in the squat and moving big weights. Here’s a simple, easy to remember method for setting your upper back for a tighter, more efficient squat.

“The Three P’s”

Pinch your shoulder blades together. Before getting under the bar, retract your shoulder blades and keep them tightly pinched together. Grip the bar and get under it, placing it on the shelf on your upper back.

Pull your triceps and elbows into your lats. Keep a proud chest and squeeze your lats and upper back tight like you are holding the top of a pull up. Use a grip that allows for optimal upper back tightness with no shoulder irritation. 

Push your traps, shoulders, and upper back into the bar. Don’t just let the bar rest on your back and allow it to take you where it chooses. The squat is a constant battle against gravity and the barbell. Fight to maintain your posture through the full ROM, driving your traps, shoulders, and upper back up into the bar. 

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