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4 Simple Tips for Fitness Success


Many assume that every powerlifter, bodybuilder, Crossfitter, Olympic lifter and Iron Man always loved being in the gym. They were born gym rats, created to lift weights. There is the misconception that these fitness enthusiasts were always passionate about working out.

Not true.

Take me, for example.

It took me a long time before I enjoyed lifting weights.

I always loved playing sports, but didn’t always see the value of going to the gym. In the beginning, it was like a chore. Going to the gym was just as boring as washing dishes or folding laundry. I did it as a means to an end. I wanted to look good, I just didn’t want to work to look good.

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Good Fitness Reads of the Week (10/26/2014)

Another busy week this week!

This weeks edition is packed with five strength tips, 15 recommended readings and a new episode of The Angry Coaches!

In  the latest episode of The Angry Coaches we discuss a problem that’s facing many coaches and fitness enthusiasts.

A big problem.

A big problem that, despite their hard work and effort, absolutely kills their results because they keep getting in their own way.

The problem?

They think they’re different.

They think they can do more, train more, and handle more stress than they really can.

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Good Fitness Reads of the Week (10/19/2014)

Exciting week this week!

My friend, fellow coach and Elite Powerlifter, Jordan Syatt and I kicked off our new video series, “The Angry Coaches”.

2 Elite Powerlifters and highly sought after performance coaches tear the fitness industry apart from the inside out.

Angry coaches, Jordan & Adam, call ‘em as they ‘em in this no holds barred weekly video series.

Backed by years of research, practical coaching experience, and mastering the art of lifting heavy shit…Jordan and Adam destroy the most asinine fitness myths in a manner that can only be described as offensively spectacular.

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