Good Fitness Reads of the Week (10/19/2014)

Exciting week this week!

My friend, fellow coach and Elite Powerlifter, Jordan Syatt and I kicked off our new video series, “The Angry Coaches”.

2 Elite Powerlifters and highly sought after performance coaches tear the fitness industry apart from the inside out.

Angry coaches, Jordan & Adam, call ‘em as they ‘em in this no holds barred weekly video series.

Backed by years of research, practical coaching experience, and mastering the art of lifting heavy shit…Jordan and Adam destroy the most asinine fitness myths in a manner that can only be described as offensively spectacular.

Check out his week’s episode, ‘Quit Telling Your Clients They’re Broken”, where we discuss postural assessments and motivation.

This week’s edition will also include five strength tips and 15 recommended readings.


 Strength Tips


Congrats to everyone who competed at the RPS Power Challenge this past weekend!!!

Quick tip for those new to powerlifting.

Try to keep meet day low-stress and as routine as possible. Don’t throw something new into the mix last minute.

No new equipment changes last minute. If you don’t wear a belt to bench, then it’s not a good idea to start the day of the meet. Don’t throw on the new Oly shoes that came in the mail three days before the meet.

Eat food you would normally eat before the meet. Don’t take any supplements you wouldn’t normally.

Make sure you have enough time to warm-up, but don’t rush and finish 20 minutes before you hit the platform.

Don’t go too heavy in warm-ups. You shouldn’t be missing or close to missing any attempts when warming up. Leave the warm-up room feeling confident and prepared for the platform.

All these little things will keep you more relaxed and focused throughout the day.


Be a doctor of fitness, but don’t confuse that with being an actual doctor.

Don’t start diagnosing causes of pain.

We are not healers. If a client is in pain, refer out to a specialist.


Today’s sample lower body [deadlift emphasis] workout.

[Sets x Reps]

1) Deadlift 6 X 5 @ 60-65%
2a) GHR 4 X 10-12
2b) Cable Row 4 X 10-12
3) Farmers walk 3 X 1/length
4) Ab Wheel 4 X 10


Quick deadlift tip.

Try to melt your heels into the floor.

Once you’ve setup for the deadlift, the rest is easy.

Drive your heels into the floor as hard as possible!

When you walk away after the lift there should be two imprints in the floor, one of each heel.


“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Recommended Readings

1)      Research Review: The Dirt On Clean Eating Written By Nutrition Expert Alan Aragon via Alan Aragon

2)      The real reason Tracy, Jillian, Oz, Oprah, Selter, Mercola, Food Babe etc are winning the information game via Joy Victoria

3)      5 Questions with Dr. Mike Israetel via Mike Israetel

4)      3 Cues for Better Sprinting via Mike Robertson

5)      Fish oil and omega-3s fats: How to be safer with your supplements. via Helen Kollias

6)      Originality Is Overrated via Ross Enamait

7)      10 Awful Nutrition Myths Perpetuated by the Media. via

8)      Why your Fitness Transformation Keeps Failing via Eric Bach

9)      Strong Mind, Stronger Body: Lessons from a Warehouse Gym via Joe DeFranco

10)  When in doubt, make a short list. via Nate Green

11)  The Rule of Five via Dan John

12)  Managing the In-Season Athlete via Mike Robertson

13)  Just Say “No” to That Detox Diet or Juice Cleanse via John Berardi

14)  My Three Phase System for Training Fighters via Michael Perry

15)  How To Bounce Back From A Sports Injury via Sarah Klein

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