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Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 11/30/2014

I hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend!

Tons of great stuff this week: 10 recommended readings, updated Training Log: Week 4 and my latest article, Master the Bench Press: 4 New Tricks to Improve Leg Drive.

500 X 4

Recommended Readings

1) Added Arm Work for 5/3/1? via Jim Wendler

2) Foam Rolling Isn’t Stretching, But It’s Still Important via Dean Somerset

3) Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Weight Gain for Powerlifting via Reactive Training Systems

4) 3 Quick Breakfast Options for Early Morning Exercisers via Tony Bonvechio

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Master the Bench Press: 4 New Cues to Improve Leg Drive

What is Leg Drive?

The bench press is a full body lift. This involves using your legs to create tension throughout your entire body.

The tension and drive you create will keep you stable while you’re benching, help you maintain your starting position and give you extra pop off your chest. This allows you to move bigger weights.

Understanding leg drive and applying it are very different.

I knew what it was long before I was able to apply it.

Finding the cue that connects to you can be challenging. I want to introduce you to four cues my clients and I have used with huge success.

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Training Log: Week 4

Day 1

Deadlift: 4 X 4 @ 500

RDL Below Knees vs short light and monster mini bands: 2 X 10 @ 245, 255 X 15

GHR:  1 X 10, 3 X 8 w/  4 sets of T Bar rows

Ab wheel: 3 X 10

Deadlifts felt good this week. My legs were a little tired going into the session, but my back felt good. They felt about the same speed as last week, maybe even faster.

I am going to be doing more biking and tempo running on my off days. This type of work seems to speed up my recovery and overall, I just feel better when I do it.


 Day 2

Bench Press: 4 X 4 @ 275, 1 X 15 @ 185, 2 X 15 @ 195

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