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Good Fitness Reads of the Week: (11/23/2014)

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

This week’s edition has a ton of great new info:

Training Log: Week 3

The Angry Coaches: This is How Coaches Are Making it IMPOSSIBLE For Their Clients to Lose Weight!

Dieting does NOT need to be complex.

Your clients do NOT need to know about hormonal responses, chemical reactions, etc.

It’s irrelevant and will do NOTHING to help them achieve their goals.

Stick to the basics. Teach your clients how to make better food choices, eat appropriate portion sizes, and create a healthy lifestyle for future success.

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Training Log: Week 3

Week 3 Day 1



Deadlift: 5 X 4 @ 475

DL from just below knees vs short monster mini’s and short light bands: 245 X 15 X 3

GHR: 3 X 8  w/ DB Shrug: 3 X 25 @ 50

Ab wheel iso hold for 10 seconds X 3

Deadlifts felt pretty good today. My lower back felt a little fatigued going into the session. I think I could have forced my chest just a little more upright. Overall happy with how they felt.

I really liked the banded deadlift. It’s been a long time since I’ve deadlifted against bands. These felt good today and gave me a nice glute pump…

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Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 11/16/2014

Hi! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

This edition of Good Fitness Reads of the Week will contain:

New Episode of The Angry Coaches: Your Oly Shoes and Knee Wraps are a Waste of $$$: Here’s Why

Quit worrying so much about your Powerlifting equipment!

We have so many options when it comes to shoes, belts, knee wraps, and knee sleeves. Lifters are becoming neurotic when it comes to choosing the right piece of equipment.

There is no perfect squat shoe that will add 200 pounds to your squat!

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