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6 Habits of Successful Long-Term Dieters

Today’s guest post comes from strength coach, Eric Bach.


Lets kicks things off with the hard truth:

Fat loss diets suck.

You’re literally flipping off your bodies cravings. Plus, there’s that whole extraordinary willpower, dedication, and responsibility thing needed to to be successful.

Well, I’m here to make things a bit easier for you.

I’m here to simplify the process and give you the tools to become more aware.

In return, better awareness will help you throw that last piece of pizza at your roommate instead of down your throat. You’ll be able to turn down your patented Vodka Red-Bull, and make some meaningful progress towards fat loss without hating life.

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Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 6/28/2015

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! It’s been a busy week with work and training.


I had the pleasure of rounding out the week attending an awesome seminar put on by Alex Viada, An Introduction to Applied Hybrid Training Methodology, at Cressey Sports Performance.

Let’s get caught up on all the great fitness info from the past week!

Strength Tips & Training Videos

Lots of deadlifting today. 6X5 @ 445 followed by block pulls and RDL’s. @murphnterf 👾 @rcolameta @chickenlegsnomore @titanbarbell #powerlifting #deadlift #exVT #bodybuilding #strongman #powerlifter #squat #abs #rawpowerlifting #fitness #train #gainz #volume #strength #stronger #glutes #liftheavy #titanbarbell

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Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 6/21/2015

I hope you’re enjoying your Father’s Day weekend!

Here’s this week’s latest Good Fitness Reads of the Week. This week is packed with a new Client Highlight, Strength Tips, training videos, my latest article and articles by others.


New Blog Post

DL_NJ_BWSimplifying Your Squat, Bench & Deadlift

Over-thinking, over-complicating, over-coaching a movement kills speed and strength.

Lifting weights doesn’t need to be complicated.

Find out how you can simplify things to move more efficiently and explosively.

Client Highlight

My good friend and client, Greg has been training hard and killing it this training cycle. His hard work’s paying off and he’s making all his weights look easy.

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