Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 6/21/2015

I hope you’re enjoying your Father’s Day weekend!

Here’s this week’s latest Good Fitness Reads of the Week. This week is packed with a new Client Highlight, Strength Tips, training videos, my latest article and articles by others.


New Blog Post

DL_NJ_BWSimplifying Your Squat, Bench & Deadlift

Over-thinking, over-complicating, over-coaching a movement kills speed and strength.

Lifting weights doesn’t need to be complicated.

Find out how you can simplify things to move more efficiently and explosively.

Client Highlight

My good friend and client, Greg has been training hard and killing it this training cycle. His hard work’s paying off and he’s making all his weights look easy.

I expect we’ll be seeing a bunch of PR’s in the next couple weeks!

Here he is smashing a 505lb deadlift!

Follow along on Istagram @gregboumil

Strength Tips & Training Videos



BTN Press @ 330 @titanbarbell @b_dimez @polarseltzer #press #X #powerlifting

A video posted by Adam Pine (@adamnpine) on

Recommended Reading

  1. Degeneration? More Like Normal Aging – Bret Contreras via Bret Contreras
  2. 5 Ways to Create A Meal Plan Your Clients Will Actually Follow via Mike Samuels, The PTDC
  3. Simplifying Your Squat, Bench & Deadlift via Adam Pine
  4. The Cardio Vs. Weights Cheat Sheet via James Fell
  5. Do What You Dream via Garrett Nicole Wood
  6. Artificial sweeteners – Is the evidence as sweet as these substitutes?  via
  7. The Many Problems With Personal Training Certifications via Jon Goodman, The PTDC
  8. Four Exercises To Eliminate Lower Back Pain via Matt Ibrahim, Lift Big Eat Big
  9. Respect Your Elders – Especially If They’re Jacked via Jason Helmes, Bryan Krahn
  10. Best Exercise In Ever: Reactive Stability Drops via Dean Somerset
  11. 3 Tips for Improving Your Back to Wall Shoulder Flexion via Eric Cressey
  12. I Encourage You To Fail via Tony Gentilcore
  13. 4 Things I Learned From Going Old School via Rog Law
  14. How to Get Better at Anything via Dan John
  15. Here’s My Complete 10-Minute Squat Tutorial (Yea, It’s Free) via Jordan Syatt
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