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Deadlift Technique Tutorial

Master the Deadlift with this thorough tutorial.

  • Footwear (1:51)
  • Stance (2:08)
  • Grip (3:28)
  • Breathing/Bracing (4:51)
  • Starting Position
    • Flat-Back Technique (6:15)
    • Round-Back Technique (7:40)
    Execution & Lockout (9:41) Common Mistakes & Corrections


    Want a bigger deadlift?

    Shoot me an email at with “DEADLIFT” in the subject line!

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Stronger in 60 Seconds: Glute Ham Raise: Fixing the 2 Most Common Mistakes

The Glute Ham Raise (GHR) is one of my favorite lower body assistance movements for building the hamstrings.

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Start with your body in a horizontal position, toes pushed against the platform, and knees a couple inches behind the bench.

Drive your toes into the platform and curl your body up using your hamstrings. Squeeze your glutes tight, keep your abs tight and chin tucked.

Avoid breaking at the hips and arching the lower back to come up. Maintain a neutral spine — keep a straight line through your knees, hips, shoulders, and neck.

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Stronger in 60 Seconds: Chin-ups: Build a Wider, Stronger Back

Chin-ups are king when it comes to building a wider, stronger back.


Start in the hanging position and drive your elbows down to the floor, keeping them inline with your body — avoid pulling them behind it.

Chest to bar with your chin tucked — avoid driving your head forward trying to pull it over.

If you’re up for a challenge — give this advanced a routine a try that I stole from , Charles Poliquin, @strengthsensei1

  1. Wide-grip pull-ups, max reps.
  2. Rest for ten seconds.
  3. Medium-grip pull-ups, max reps.
  4. Rest for ten seconds.
  5. Medium-grip chin-ups, max reps.
  6. Rest for ten seconds.
  7. Narrow-grip chin-ups, max reps.
  8. Rest for three minutes.
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 twice

If you want to get a lot of volume in, in a short amount of time, try this routine out. Start with 35% of your rep max, so if you can do 15 pull-ups, perform 5 reps, rest 20 seconds and repeat for max sets. If you reach a 6th set, make that your last and perform max

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