Stronger in 60 Seconds: Chin-ups: Build a Wider, Stronger Back

Chin-ups are king when it comes to building a wider, stronger back.


Start in the hanging position and drive your elbows down to the floor, keeping them inline with your body — avoid pulling them behind it.

Chest to bar with your chin tucked — avoid driving your head forward trying to pull it over.

If you’re up for a challenge — give this advanced a routine a try that I stole from , Charles Poliquin, @strengthsensei1

  1. Wide-grip pull-ups, max reps.
  2. Rest for ten seconds.
  3. Medium-grip pull-ups, max reps.
  4. Rest for ten seconds.
  5. Medium-grip chin-ups, max reps.
  6. Rest for ten seconds.
  7. Narrow-grip chin-ups, max reps.
  8. Rest for three minutes.
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 twice

If you want to get a lot of volume in, in a short amount of time, try this routine out. Start with 35% of your rep max, so if you can do 15 pull-ups, perform 5 reps, rest 20 seconds and repeat for max sets. If you reach a 6th set, make that your last and perform max

Want a bigger, stronger back?

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