Stronger in 60 Seconds: The Band Pull-Apart: Fixing the 2 Most Common Mistakes

The band pull-apart is a simple and effective exercise for improving shoulder health, posture and performance.

Unfortunately, it’s often done incorrectly.

Below I’ll show you the two most common ways the band pull-apart gets screwed up, how to fix it, and add them into your program.


?✅ Target your rear delts by initiating the movement with the shoulders protracted, or rolled forward.

?✅ Pull it apart keeping your chin tucked and head in a neutral position — allowing for full ROM. 

?❌ Avoid initiating with the shoulder blades retracted, or pinched together, putting more of the emphasis on the mid-back.

?❌ Avoid cheating the reps by pulling your head/chest forward to shorten the ROM. 


Two of my favorite ways to program these are at the end of an upper body workout:

10×10 with 20-30 seconds rest or max reps, rest 10 seconds after achieving failure and repeat until you hit 100 reps. 

Have any questions about programming?

Shoot me an email at with “PROGRAM” in the subject line!

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