Good Fitness Reads forthe Week (10/12/2014)

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Time to catch up on some fitness reading.

This week’s edition will catch you up to speed with strength tips and articles by myself and others.


Strength Tips


*Be open-minded.

We often pigeonhole ourselves into one camp, one school of thought. We get in the habit of believing there is only one way to do things.

One program to get strong, one diet for results, one way to squat and deadlift, etc.

There are many programs you can do to get strong and plenty of diets that work.

The best approach depends on the individual, your goals and what you can adhere to.

If you are close-minded you might be excluding the optimal approach. Be open to exploring all the options so you can find the one that best suits you.


*Quick bench tip.

Grip the bar tight!

Seems really simple and obvious…

It is!

But we all forget to do it. We grip it just tight enough.

Grip it tight into your thumb and as hard as you possibly can. Melt the bar between your fingers.

There’s a variety of advantages to gripping the bar tight and it might be the simplest and easiest thing you can do to add pounds to your bench.


Today’s sample lower body [squat emphasis] workout.

Pick weights you know you will hit.

[Sets x Reps]

1) Squat 4 X 5 @ 70-75%
2) 3 count High Bar Paused Squat 2 X 5
3a) RFESS 3 X 8
3b) Reverse Crunch 3 X 10


*Keep things simple.

Making rounds on squat day telling people they are bilaterally extended is confusing to clients.

Using terms they don’t understand confuses them and makes them self-conscious. Instead, use cues anyone can understand.

Don’t only point out the mistake, help find the solution. In this instance, start with coaching how to brace properly. Squeeze your glutes together, pull your rib into your belt buckle, breath into your back, flex your abs, stand tall.

“Dorsiflex your ankle” to an intimidated day-one client isn’t very helpful. Try to limit stress and make it easy to learn, point your toe to your knee.

Understand your clientele and how to address them. Help people find the solution in the simplest way possible.


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Article(s) by Adam

3 Tips for a Bigger Deadlift             

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14)  3 Simple Tips to Make Your Client Feel Like a Million Bucks: A Lesson in Self Efficacy via Jordan Syatt

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