Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 12/13/2015

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Tons of great fitness info this week. This edition’s got three brand new strength tips and 15 of the top articles from the past week.


Strength Tips



Often I get asked why I look so calm before doing a max. It’s important to understand how your mentality will play an important role in the gym. Here are 3 reasons why I like to stay calm: 1) Staying focused. If I’m busy yelling, getting slapped in the face, or snorting ammonia, I get distracted. My focus shifts from the lift, to psyching myself up for the lift. This increases the likelihood of form breakdown and a missed lift. 2) It’s taxing. When you’re psyching yourself up for lifts, it’s wasting a energy and in turn, slowing your recovery. This will leave you feeling overly fatigued after training sessions, and will eventually slow your progress. 3) Save it for when you need it. Whether you’re outwardly emotional or not, you want be able to get your adrenaline going at times – like a competition. You’ll have time afterwards to rest up and recover; so go all out and do what you have to do to lift as much as possible. Just don’t gas on your squats. Leave enough in the tank for bench and deadlift. #powerlifting #mentality #fedor #throwback A photo posted by Adam Pine (@adam_pine) on

Recommended Reading

  1. Your Diet Isn’t The Problem – You Are: How Human Nature Causes Smart Nutrition to Fail via Amy Dix, JMax Fitness
  2. Is the thermic effect of food higher if you are lean? via Fredrik Tonstad Vårvik, Bret Contreras
  3. Soreness Isn’t a Goal via Ross Enamait
  4. Constructing the Ultimate Deadlift Workout: Your 3 Step Guide via Jordan Syatt
  5. 8 Things You Must Know About Building Muscle via Ryan Wood
  6. Tip: Make the Bulgarian Split Squat Even Tougher via Bret Contreras
  7. Never Miss The Big Lifts Again via Travis Pollen, Juggernaut Training Systems
  8. One Weird Trick: Installment 1 – Half Kneeling via Miguel Aragoncillo
  9. Technique Tuesday: How Deep Should You Squat? Part 1 via Tony Bonvechio
  10. What it Takes via Jim Wendler
  11. Bench Press: Why It’s Not Just For Dudes (And How You Can Get Better At It) via Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake, Jordan Syatt
  12. Shut Up and Get Strong via Eric Bach
  13. How to NOT Get Injured While Strength Training via Nick Smoot, Mike Samuels
  14. Should Women Take Creatine? via Cassandra Forsythe, Girls Gone Strong
  15. Tip: For Deadlifts, Put Your Armpits Over the Bar via Tony Gentilcore
“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”
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