Stronger in 60 Seconds: Simple cue for building strength off the chest in the bench press

The bottom portion of the bench press is a sticking point for a lot of lifters.

Here’s a simple cue to help you build powerful reversal strength off the chest to blow through that sticking point.

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Touch the bar lightly to your chest like it’s made of glass.

Rather than lowering the weight with my arms and letting crash or rest dead on my chest, I control it down with my lats to build explosive reversal strength.

I keep my shoulder blades screwed into my back pocket and try to touch the outside of my lats together as I bring the weight to my chest.

This builds tension, loading the lats so when the bar meets my chest, it feels weightless and ready to spring up.

Here’s a great video from world record powerlifter, Stan Efferding on building tension during the eccentric part of the movement.

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