Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 11/22/2015

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Tons of awesome fitness info this past week. Let’s get caught up with new strength tips, training videos and the best fitness reads from this past week!

Strength Tips & Training Videos

Want a Bigger Deadlift?

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635 X 6 off 2″ mats Like these for handling heavier weight for reps. #powerlifting #deadlift

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Recommended Reading

  1. Ladies Edition: The Fastest Way to Lose Weight (And Keep it Off for Life) via Nick Smoot, Jordan Syatt
  2. The ‘Get Shredded’ Series – Part 5 (Supplements) via Stephen Hall
  3. The Diet That Has No Name (Why It May be Best Thing Ever) via Nia Shanks
  4. Natural treatments for the most common medical problems. via Precision Nutrition
  5. Technique Tuesday – 2 Quick Drills to Dial in Your Squat Technique via Tony Bonvechio
  6. Tip: Do the Pallof Press for a Strong Core via John Rusin
  7. How Lifting Helped Me Get Engaged via Alex Bonvechio, Tony Bonvechio
  8. 3 Barbell Hip Thrust Coaching Cues via Eric Cressey
  9. 4 Keys to Fat Loss Beyond “Eat Less and Move More” via Jen Comas, Girls Gone Strong
  10. The 14 Toughest Ways to Plank via Mike Sheridan
  11. Band Resisted Overhead Press via Ross Enamait
  12. The Sticking Point in the Squat: What Causes It and What To Do About It via Greg Nuckols
  13. How To Hip Thrust For A Big, Strong, Powerful Booty via Molly Galbraith, Girls Gone Strong
  14. 4 Myths About Female Glute Training via Bret Contreras
  15. 10 Hidden Expenses in Opening Your Own Strength & Conditioning Facility via Pete Dupuis, Eric Cressey
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