Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 1/11/2015

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

It was a really busy week with a ton of great fitness info.

I am so proud of my client, David. He achieved his lifetime goal this week. Hit a 405 deadlift. He’s 56 years old and he’s been after a four plate deadlift for 30 years. This week he smashed his goal and I couldn’t be happier for him!


 I had a big week deadlifting too. I hit 710, my last heavy pull getting ready for my meet on January, 24th.


Just having some fun squatting


Training Log Week 10


Quick Squat Tip

This is a valuable tip you’re going to want to know BEFORE you compete. If you’re used to looking in a mirror when you squat, it’s going to be a shock when it’s suddenly not there. Don’t have the first time you squat without looking in a mirror be in a competition. This is unfortunately something a lot of lifters learn at their first meet. Be prepared. Squat facing away from the mirror, or cover it up.


Recommended Reading

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2. Check Your Form: Bust Stubborn Plateaus via Pat Koch

3. What Moves You? via Tony Gentilcore

4. Do You Have the Courage to be Great? via Chad Wesley Smith

5. Strong(Wo)Man Strong Life via Brittany Diamond

6. Is Coffee Bad for Your Health? via Born Fitness

7. Resetting Expectations via Mike Tuchscherer

8. The Best Damn Posterior Chain Exercises via Bret Contreras

9. 5 Ways for Beginners to Succeed in The Gym in 2015 via Dean Somerset

10. Yet Another Reason to Include Barbell Glute Bridges Into Your Program via Tony Gentilcore

11. 10 simple steps to master the freestanding handstand  via Garrett Nicole Wood

12. The Best Hanging Leg Raise Instructional Video on the Web via Jordan Syatt

13. 3 Tips for a Bigger Deadlift via Adam Pine

14. How To Get Lean & Sculpted With Limited Time via Bret Contreras

15. Complete Guide to Putting PRs on the Platform via Chad Wesley Smith


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