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I’m excited to share the incredible progress of my clients Scott, Nick, and Scott!

Their consistent hard work and dedication really paid off over the past months.

They’re smashing huge PR’s with lots more left in the tank.

Rather than going on endlessly about their accomplishments, I’ll let the videos do the talking.

Scott L

Scott’s added almost 100lbs pounds on his total since we’ve worked together.

This guy’s so hungry and strong, I wouldn’t be surprised if he added 100+lbs more by his next meet.

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Here he is ripping up a 655 deadlift, a 20lb PR giving him his first Elite total @ 242.

His test day went:

Squat: 550

Bench: 410

Deadlift: 655

Total: 1615

He exceeded his own goal total by 10lbs!

I could not be more proud of this guy.

Look for Scott to put up some big numbers at his meet in September.

You can follow Scott on IG: @nordicberserker


I can’t say enough about Nick.

He’s an absolute animal!

His progress on his lifts has been outstanding.

Not only he is incredibly strong, and Elite powerlifter holding a 600lb squat at 198lbs (over 3X body weight). He has made amazing strides to perfect his technique in the past year.

Nick was suffering from knee pain due to issues in his squat. Since making some adjustments in his technique and programming, his squat, bench and deadlift has gone through the roof, AND he’s squatting pain free.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Nick squatting 650+lbs, benching 400+, and deadlifting 600+ by the end of 2015!

Here he is with an easy 540 X 1 squat.

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You can follow Nick onĀ  IG: @nicksantangelo198

Scott S

A video posted by Adam Pine (@adamnpine) on

Scott says it best. “This was big for me …..when I hit 365lbs last meet I did before I got injured I was almost 30lbs heavier weight around 200lbs”.

I’m so proud of Scott. He’s made so much progress in the past year.

His ability to stay motivated and focused while dealing with his injury has been inspiring.

Now that the injury’s behind him, he’s stronger than ever at a much lighter body weight.

I can’t wait to see Scott compete in October and completely blow away all his PR’s!


I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys compete this year and smash some huge PR’s!

If you have any questions about programming, send me an email at, with “PROGRAMMING” in the subject line.


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