Good Fitness Reads of the Week (11/2/2014)

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween weekend!

Lots of great stuff this week!

This week’s edition has 15 recommended readings, my most recent article, “4 Simple Tips for Fitness Success” and the latest episode of The Angry Coaches, “Getting Mad At the Bar Won’t Make You Stronger “.

Even more great stuff next week!

In addition to the recommended readings and The Angry Coaches, I will be starting my training log in preparation for a powerlifting meet in January! Last year around this time I posted my first 700lb deadlift and I plan to better that at this next meet!

I’ll be posting each workout with along with videos. Hope you enjoy!

Angry Coaches

A lot of [internet] powerlifter’s give off the impression that you need to be pissed off to get the most out of your training.

They make people think you need to get slapped in the face and slam your head against the wall to psych yourself up before every attempt.

Jordan Syatt deadlifts nearly 4x body weight and he says that’s not the case. I wholeheartedly agree.

We discuss exactly why in this weeks’ short 3-min episode of The Angry Coaches

Article(s) by Adam

4 Simple Tips for Fitness Success

Recommended Readings

1)      The Truth About Muscle Confusion Training via Tom Venuto

2)      Troubleshooting the Deadlift via Justin Kompf

3)      Crawling Your Face Off via Dean Somerset

4)      The Morning Crunch: Keystone Habits via Pat Koch

5)      Does resistance-training change muscle fiber type? via Chris Beardsley

6)      4 Tips for Training Clients for Strength via Greg Robins

7)      Deloading is a Waste of Your Time via Jordan Syatt

8)      (Never) Eat Alone via Nate Green

9)      Lessons Learned Preparing For My First Powerlifting Meet – Part II via Ryan Wood

10)  Green Coffee Extract – Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage, Side Effects via

11)  Master the Sumo Deadlift via Jordan Syatt

12)  New Insight into Rest Intervals for Muscle Growth via Brad Schoenfeld

13)  4 Training & Diet Arguments: Resolved! via Nick Tumminello

14)  Rethinking Percentage Based Training via Tony Gentilcore

15)  Autoregulating Your Training via Mike Tuchscherer




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