Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 7/26/2015

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Time to recap all the best fitness info from this week.

Strength Tips

A common mistake made in the deadlift setup is allowing your knees to track too far forward. An excessive forward shin angle can cause several problems. (More on this in the article at Here’s a simple way to correct it: Build tension in your hamstrings by moving at your hips. Find your heels and push your hips back to the wall behind you. Feel the tension build in your hamstrings until you can’t push your hips back any further. Lower your hips into a strong starting position while maintaining tension in your hamstrings. At no point do you need to think about bending your knees. They will bend on their own as you lower your hips. This will keep your shins (relatively) vertical and allow you to keep your weight back and maintain tension through your backside. #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #strengthtips #technique

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Recommended Reading

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  2. Exercise Video of the Week: 3 Common Bench Press Mistakes via Ryan Wood
  3. 4 Rules for Choosing Accessory Exercises via Tony Bonvechio
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  5. Regressing the Pushup via Rob Colameta
  6. Stronger in 60 Seconds: Increase Your Deadlift via Adam Pine
  7. Exercise of the Week: 1-arm Serratus Wall Slides with Med Ball via Eric Cressey
  8. 10 Deload Week Mistakes that are Hurting Your Recovery via Tony Bonvechio
  9. How Much Vitamin D Should You Take For Optimal Health? via Authority Nutrition
  10. How a Gym Owner Went From Struggling to Make Rent to World Renowned via Matt Mayberry, DeFranco’s Gym
  11. How to Lose Fat: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before Getting on the Scale via Jordan Syatt
  12. Whole Foot on RDL’s – Robertson Training Systems via Mike Robertson
  13. Outrun your fork and gain muscle via Spencer Nadolsky
  14. More Reps vs. More Difficulty – A Grip Based Example via Ross Enamait  
  15. When To Progress an Exercise via Tony Gentilcore
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