Stronger in 60 Seconds: The Hollow Body Hold

The Hollow Body Hold is an awesome bodyweight ab exercise and an important position to master for other exercises as well, like: Hanging Leg Raises, Deadbugs, Reverse Crunches, Handstands and many other exercises.

It’s really challenging and simple to perform, unfortunately it’s often performed incorrectly.

Here’s how to do it:

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Keep your lower back flat against the floor the entire time.

Top Picture ❌ You can see daylight because my lower back is hyperextended — defeating the purpose of the exercise.

? Bottom Pitcure ✔ I’m maintaining a neutral spine, keeping my lower back crushed into the floor.

Arms and legs fully extended and slightly elevated.

Make a double chin. Keep your toes pointed and your quads, glutes and abs tight.

Stop if you feel your lower back begin to arch.


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