Stronger in 60-seconds: Master the Pull up

A common problem a lot of people experience is feeling pull-ups primarily in their biceps and not enough in their lats. Here’s a quick tip on how to master the pull up, get more lat engagement and build a bigger, stronger back.

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Think of your hands like hooks. They are only there to attach you to the pull-up bar, hold tight.

Screw your shoulder blades down. Pull them into the back pocket of your pants.

Pull your elbows into your lats, pulling your chest to the bar. This will help you initiate the movement with your back.

Be careful not to pull your elbows behind your body. If someone was standing behind you while you’re doing pull-ups, you should not elbow them in the head.

Pulling with your elbows can help you perform pull-ups and many other pull-up/chin-up variations more efficiently.

Want to learn more about how to build a bigger, stronger back? Email at with “LATS” in the subject line.

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