Good Fitness Reads for the Week: (9/14/2014)

Good Reads 9/15/2014

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Time to catch up on some fitness reading.

This week’s edition will catch you up to speed with strength tips and articles by myself and others.



Strength Tips

*Here’s a quick tip to help with pull-ups.

Think about pulling with your elbows.

Pull-ups primarily target the lats, so you should feel the lats doing a majority of the work. Pull-ups also target the biceps along with many other muscles, but that doesn’t mean you should feel like you did a set of biceps curls after every set of pull-ups.

Think of your hands like hooks. They are only there to attach you to the pull-up bar, so grip it as tight as possible.

Pull your elbows into your lats, pulling your chest to the bar. This will help you initiate the movement with your back.

Be careful not to pull your elbows behind your body. If someone was standing behind you while you’re doing pull-ups, you should not elbow them in the head.

Pulling with your elbows can help you perform pull-ups and many other pull-up/chin-up variations more efficiently.


*Work out of the day time!

It’s Wednesday, today’s sample workout is upper body [bench emphasis] workout.
Pick weights you know you will hit!

1. Bench 3 X 5
2. Close grip Bench press 2-3 X 10
3. Weighted Chin ups 3 X 6
4a. Facepull w/ 1 second Iso-hold 3 X 15
4b. Rope pushdown 3 X 15
4c. Hammer curls 3 X 12


*Do you ever have trouble picking your assistance work?

What is the last thing you want to do?
[ That is what you should be doing. ]

Do what you suck at and get good at it. Bring up your weaknesses and
drive through those sticking points!


*”The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Article(s) by Adam

3 Tips For a Bigger Deadlift


Good Fitness Reads

  1. Why the lats are so important in the Bench Press via Tim Henriques
  2. Training Women via Bret Contreras
  3. I know what to do! So why am i still not in shape? via Nate Green
  4. Detox diets. Juice cleanses. Could they be making you more toxic? via Ryan Andrews
  5. Is diet soda bad for you? via
  6. Butt Wink Is Not About The Hamstrings via Dean Somerset
  7. My Top 5 Moves for Athletic Strength via Mike Robertson
  8. Your career in fitness: A success guide for personal trainers & coaches. via Nate Green
  9. How Chronic, Prolonged Sitting Impacts Your Body – and What to Do About It via Eric Cressey
  10. Does stretching actually change muscle length? via Chris Beardsley
  11. How I Really Train via Dan John
  12. Fitness Myths that NEED to Die: The “Right” Way to Kettlebell Swing via Jordan Syatt
  13. Is Saturated Fat Intake Associated with Heart Disease? via Brad Schoenfeld
  14. Does Bad Posture Cause Back Pain? via Todd Hargrove     
  15. Earn Your Moderation via Bryan Krahn
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