Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 2/22/2015


Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

There’s a ton of great fitness info this week, so let’s get to it.

Client Highlight

So proud of my client Scott. He’s been working his ass off since coming back from a back injury 10 months ago. He’s working his way back to the platform and working on learning the sumo deadlift He worked up to his first heavy single last week. He smoked 350 for a new sumo deadlift PR! 405’s coming up soon.

My Training

Lifting has been going well since the last meet. I’ve been experimenting with a new deadlift technique and it’s been going well.  I’ve been letting my upper back to round a bit. It shortens the ROM and allows me to get my hips closer to the bar at the setup, giving me good leg drive off the floor.

700 for a beltless PR

585 X 7

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 Strength Tips

615 X 2 Bracing properly is crucial when it comes to building a strong #squat and #deadlift. Don’t inhibit your ability to breathe and brace properly by putting your belt on too tight. If you are sucking in or having people help put on and take off your belt, you are probably wearing it too tight. You don’t want it constricting you so much that you can effectively take your air. You want to fill your lower back up with air and feel your abdomen expand against the belt. Get as fat as you can with air. If you usually crank your belt as tight as possible, try loosening it up a bit. Breathe into the back of your belt, fill everything from your lower back, to oblique’s, to your belly button with air. Flex your #abs as hard as possible and brace against the belt. This will be much more stable and allow you to move heavier #weights safely. #powerlifting #strongman #weightlifting #bodybuilding #strengthtraining #strength #train #fitness #fitnessmotivation #glutes #gainz #gym #liftheavy #speed #bostonsstrongest A video posted by Adam Pine (@adamnpine) on



Taking a look at some of the best deadlifters of all time, you will see a lot of differences in their technique. Their techniques have many similarities, but just like a batting stance, they all have their own individual setup and differences. Head posture is one of those things you’ll see differ from lifter to lifter. Some will “pack” their neck, look straight ahead, others look up. I think it’s important to use the position you feel strongest in. Work on mastering the movement and try not to get bogged down by the smaller details. Work on the essentials first: bracing, creating tension through your body, perfecting your setup and being explosive. As long as it’s safe, use the position that you feel is best for your performance. #powerlifting #deadlift #strongman #weightlifting #bodybuilding #strong #strength #train #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gainz #glutes #squat #lats #abs #motivation #liftheavy


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What’s the best #squat stance? Look at the best squatters in the world and you’ll see a variety of different stances. – Wide, moderate and narrow stances – High, moderate and low bar – Wide, medium or narrow grips – Wrist extended vs. neutral – Head down vs. neutral Regardless of squat stance, all great squatters want to get as tight as possible. Getting tight will allow you to maintain your position under heavy loads. This includes bracing for the squat. – Squeeze your #glutes like your trying to crack a walnut between your butt cheeks. – Rib down in your belt buckle. – Take a big breath into your lower back. Get fat with air and fill your entire torso with air. If you are wearing a belt, you should feel everything covered by the belt expand into it. – #Flex your #abs as hard as possible. – Drive your #traps, #shoulder and chin into the bar. Get your upper #back and #lats as tight as possible by squeezing your shoulder blades together and driving you elbows towards your lats like you are holding the top of a pull-up. Regardless of your squat stance, make sure you are staying as tight as possible throughout your entire body to maintain #optimal position under heavy loads. #powerlifting #deadlift #powerlifter #strongman #weightlifting #bodybuilding #strong #strength #quads #train #fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivation #gainz #lift #skwatz A photo posted by Adam Pine (@adamnpine) on

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