Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 12/28/2014


Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!

There’s a ton of great stuff from this week, so let’s catch up on  what you may have missed.

Training Log: Week 8 

645 X 2 #deadlift #powerlifting #strengthtraining #strength #strengthproject #doyouevenlift #boston

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Quick Tip: Deadlift   

Deadlifting is the easy part. Putting all those plates on and off the bar is the real challenge. Here’s a quick tip to make that a whole lot easier.

Quick Tip: Deadlift #deadlift #powerlifting #strengthtraining #strength

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Recommended Reading

1. 3 Hacks to Improve Your Bench Press via Jordan Syatt

2. Squat Right for Your Type via Todd Bumgardner

3. Muscle Musings via Bryan Krahn

4. Light-Load Training: Can It Build Muscle? via Brad Schoenfeld

5. Why You Don’t See Results From Your Workouts (or Diet Plans) via Born Fitness

6. Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training – Installment 8 via Eric Cressey

7. When Fully Extending the Hips During the TRX Row is Wrong… via Jordan Syatt

8. Five steps to know what to eat every day via Garrett Nicole Wood

9. Why You DON’T Need to ‘Go Big or Go Home’ at the Gym via Jen Sinkler

10. Fix Your Knees, Get Bigger & Stronger via Tony Gentilcore

11. Real Talk about Aerobic Training for Athletes via Mike Robertson

12. Here are the results to 90% of Your Functional Movement Assessments… Sight Unseen! via Nick Tumminello


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