Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 12/21/2014

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Great week filled with a ton of awesome fitness info:

Training Log: Week 7

Commercial Gym Bench Press Hack


Recommended Reading

1. Have You Earned the Right to Be Frustrated (with your lack of progress) via Jordan Syatt

2. Specialty Bar Training for Athletes via Mike Robertson

3. 5 Things About Manhood via Bryan Krahn

4. RTS Forums – Down Set Methods via Mike Tuchscherer

5. But Can You Move Your Body? via Max Shank

6. Allocating Volume to Maximize Muscle Growth via Bret Contreras

7. Sleep: What the Research Actually Says via Eric Cressey

8. Performance Tips: Grip Training via Joel Jamieson

9. Weighty Matters: Why This Holiday Season Should be All-You-Can-Eat via Yoni Freedhoff – Weighty Matters

10. Finally Get the Truth About CrossFit, Cardio, Vaccines, the FMS, Getting Shredded, and Burning Fat via Jonathan Fass

11. 5 Reasons ANY Diet Can Work  via Lou Schuler

12. Stretch the Tight? via Tony Gentilcore

13. My New Favorite Deadlift Variation: Paused Deficit Deadlift via Jordan Syatt

14. Why You SHOULD Give a Crap About Calories via Mike Samuels

15. The Essential Mindset for Effective Coaching Careers via Greg Robins



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