Good Fitness Reads of the Week: (11/9/2014)

Really crazy, busy, awesome week between work, training, friends and seminars.

It was really cool to see the 2X World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw at Titan Barbell!


I finished my first week of training for my meet, January 24th.

I’ve been logging my training here:

Click Here ==> Training Log

I’m going to be doing a deadlift only meet in January, and I plan on  bettering  my 700lb deadlift!


Here are the good reads of the week!

Recommending Reading

1)      Trust Me, You Have the Time: Fitness Excuses Under Scrutiny via Bret Contreras

2)      Why Adults Can’t Squat Like Babies and Should Stop Trying To via Dean Somerset

3)      Weighty Matters: What I Learned By Actually Reading That Drinking Milk Will Kill You Study via Yoni Freedhoff

4)      6 Reasons Anterior Core Stability Exercises Are Essential via Eric Cressey

5)      Living Well With Fibromyalgia: How nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle strategies can help alleviate the pain. via Ryan D Andrews

6)      How to Perform Band Assisted Pull ups + Advanced Variation via Nia Shanks

7)      Who Stole The Soul? via Bryan Krahn

8)      Be the Center Ball via Eric Dawson

9)      Breaking Family (Health & Fitness) Traditions via Miguel Aragoncillo

10)  The 5 Jackasses of Fitness via Dan John

11)  Exercise Creativity Gone Wrong via Tony Bonvechio

12)  3 All-Time Badasses You Need To Know via Chad Wesley Smith

13)  The Truth Behind Emphasizing “Good” Fats In Your Diet via Jordan Syatt

14)  Can eccentric training help prevent hamstring strains? via Chris Beardsley

15)  The Great Comparison Hoax via Rog Law

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