Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 9/6/2015

Hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day Weekend!

We’ve got another beautiful day here in Boston, so I’m going to head over to the beach.

There was a lot of awesome fitness info the past week. Let’s recap.

Client Highlights

My client, and friend @nordicberserker ripping up 605X2 today.

Scott’s been absolutely killing it this training cycle.

Can’t wait to see all this hard work pay off when he lights it up on the platform in a couple weeks!

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My client @nicksantangelo198 blowing up 512X3.

Nick busts his ass, keeps his head down and moves weight.
He’s one of the strongest, hardest working and most humble guys I know.

I’m proud to call him a friend and honored to have him as a client. Can’t wait to see him smash some PR’s at his meet this October!

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Training Videos

If you want to see more strength tips and training videos, you can follow me on Instagram @adam_pine

6X3 @ 525 @syattfitness @steveacus @titanbarbell #powerlifting #deadlift #strength #commercialsovercountry

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Reps @ 405 today. Trying to move the weight fast #powerlifting #deadlift #fitness #rpspowerlifting A video posted by Adam Pine (@adam_pine) on

Recommended Reading

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  13. 3 New Conditioning Rules via Joel Jamieson
  14. How Much Cardio vs. Strength Training Should I Do? via Molly Galbraith
  15. Reset Every Rep via Mike Robertson

“In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”

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