Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 9/27/2015

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Here’s a recap of all the best fitness info from the past week.

Strength Tip

You don’t get stronger missing weights. It’s physically taxing and probably worse, mentally. Your confidence gets shaken after you miss an attempt. You begin to doubt yourself, your training, and negative thoughts swirl through your head about your progress. There’s a lot of ways to PR. The most obvious way is crushing a new max, but you can also hit rep maxes, total volume PR’s, and RPE PR’s. A volume PR may not be as sexy as hitting a new max, but it is a PR! I see people get anxious when they aren’t testing their new max each week. Don’t feel as though you need to be constantly testing your 1RM to increase it. There are plenty of ways to get stronger other than chasing a new max each week. Regardless of your programming, pick weights you know you will hit. No one got stronger missing all their attempts. #powerlifting #deadlift

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Recommended Reading

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  15. 6 Habits of Successful Long-Term Dieters via Eric Bach, Adam Pine
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