Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 8/16/2015

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

The weather is beautiful here today in Boston, so I’m going to head to the beach.

Before I head out, let’s get caught up on all the awesome fitness info from the past week.


Strength Tips


Training Videos

  I’ve started my training block for a powerlifting meet in October. I’m going to compete in deadlift only. This was deadlift training from Week 1 Day 1. Everything felt fast and good.

A video posted by Adam Pine (@adam_pine) on

Recommended Reading

  1. The best answers to your clients’ top 10 nutrition questions. via Precision Nutrition
  2. Training Tips For Busy People via Ross Enamait
  3. The Journey from Novice to Elite: A Female Powerlifter’s Perspective via Alex Bonvechio, Tony Bonvechio
  4. How to Get Ripped – Putting it All Together via Bryan Krahn
  5. The RKC Plank is Massively Overrated: Try This Brand New Plank Variation to Blast Your Core via Jordan Syatt
  6. Stronger in 60 Seconds: Using Your Lats in the Deadlift via Adam Pine
  7. Passing the Lifting Torch via Jim Wendler
  8. Increasing Your Bench Without Gaining Weight via Jennifer Thompson, Juggernaut Training Systems
  9. Do Cardio, Keep Your Gains via Tony Gentilcore
  10. An Open Letter to USA Weightlifting via Chad Wesley Smith, Juggernaut Training Systems
  11. How Gravity Impacts Exercise Progressions and Regressions via Eric Cressey
  12. Nutrition Made Simple: The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Nutrition via Slyvon Blanco
  13. Is Spot Reduction Really Possible? via Sohee Lee
  14. Why working out causes weight gain. (And what to do about it). via Precision Nutrition
  15. Raw Powerlifting Priorities via Juggernaut Training Systems


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