Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 5/3/2015

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

I had an awesome time in Kansas City this weekend at The Fitness Summit.


All the presenters were amazing. It was entertaining and an all-around great learning experience. Outside of the presentations, it was great catching up with friends, meeting new ones and eating some good Kansas City BBQ.

Let’s get you up to speed with all the great fitness info you may have missed this week.

Client Highlight

A video posted by Adam Pine (@adamnpine) on

Scott is a straight up beast.

Here he is putting up 400 like a paperweight.

While Scott is very humble and considers himself to be a Novice lifter (as he says on Instagram, @nordicberserker), he is going to be closing in on an Elite total very soon.

I can’t wait to see him hit some huge PR’s next week when he puts it all together at his mock meet.

Strength Tips and New Content

A video posted by Adam Pine (@adamnpine) on

Check out my latest article, Building a Bulletproof Core with The High Tension Plank for more info on how to perform, program, and progress the High Tension Plank.

Recommended Reading

1. The Bulgarian Split Squat: How to Fix the 2 Most Common Mistakes…Fast! via Jordan Syatt

2. The Difference Maker via Greg Robins

3. Defending Spinal Flexion: There Is a Time and Place via Tony Gentilcore

4. Can exercise really defeat depression? How to find out if it can work for you. via Precision Nutrition

5. What is Athleticism? via Ty Terrell, M

6. Squats and Deadlifts Won’t Make Your Waist Blocky via Bret Contreras

7. The Official Top 7 Best Books for Nutrition Coaches via Jordan Syatt

8. 5 Common Diet Excuses Too Many People Make via JC Dean

9. Building a Bulletproof Core with The High Tension Plank via Adam Pine

10. How to Choose a Good Group Class via George Kalantzis, Tony Gentilcore

11. Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training – Installment 9 via Eric Cressey

12. Is It Your Duty to be Muscular?  via Bryan Krahn

13. The FMS: Awesome or Awful? via Bret Contreras

14. The Science Behind Caffeine via

15.Hamstrings: The Most Overrated Muscle for the Squat 2.0 via Greg Nuckols

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