Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 4/19/2015

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Tons of awesome fitness info this week.  Let’s get to it.

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10 Rules You Should NEVER Break If You Want to Get Brutally Strong

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Recommended Reading

1. 3 Unusual Ways to Use the Foam Roller That Will Get You Offensively Strong (#1 is my favorite) via Jordan Syatt

2. Strengthening the Core: An Interview with Bret Contreras via Kimberly Mills, Bret Contreras

3. 5 nutrition hacks for busy people with little time via Garrett Nicole Wood

4. Current Position Statement on Anterior Pelvic Tilt via Bret Contreras

5. Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 62 via Tony Bonvechio, Eric Cressey

6. What to eat during pregnancy [Infographic]: How food affects you and your baby via Precision Nutrition

7. How to Look Like You Lift Weights via Bryan Krahn

8. The Top 8 Best Books for Strength and Conditioning Coaches via Jordan Syatt

9. 14 Expert Tips to Build Muscle via Eric Bach

10. Vetting Your Personal Trainer via Tony Gentilcore

11. Mastering The Top 10 Most Athletic Moves via Greg Robins, James Smith

12. 3 Science-based steps to curbing your appetite via

13. 4 of The Worst Deadlift Mistakes You Could Ever Make (#2 is the most overlooked) via Jordan Syatt

14. 5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself as a Personal Trainer via Eric Cressey

15. 10 Rules You Should NEVER Break If You Want to Get Brutally Strong via Adam Pine

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