Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 12/6/2015

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I want to start by giving a big congrats to my good friend and client, Rob.

He competed today at the USAPL American Open and absolutely crushed it. 9/9 and PR’s on all lifts. Proud of you man!

This week’s edition is packed with the latest strength tips, client highlights, and 15 of the best articles this week.


Strength Tips


  How to stop your butt from coming off the bench. ☝ Top: Butt’s coming off the bench when I press. My glutes start in a relaxed position. When leg drive kicks in and I press, my glutes flex and pop off the bench like I’m doing a glute bridge. ? Bottom: Glutes tight the entire time — butt stays on the bench. I setup with my glutes tight and keep them flexed. This sets my hips in their highest position with little room to move. When I apply leg drive and press, my hips and glutes are already locked in place and unable to extend further up off the bench. . *Setup: flex your glutes like you’re trying to crack a walnut between your butt cheeks. Keep them tight the entire time. *Leg drive: rather than just pushing your heels straight down, try to push the floor to the wall in front of you. Drive your heels forward and down, like you’re trying to poke holes through the front of your shoes. #powerlifting #benchpress #glutes #strength   A video posted by Adam Pine (@adam_pine) on

Client Highlight


Recommended Reading

  1. 5 Reasons to NOT Train Like an Athlete via Tony Bonvechio
  2. Tony is Critical of CrossFit, But Should He Be? via Travis Pollen, Tony Gentilcore
  3. Variety vs. Consistency via Ross Enamait
  4. Stronger in 60 Seconds: How to keep your butt down when you bench press via Adam Pine
  5. Serratus Anterior Activation: Reach, Round, and Rotate via Eric Cressey
  6. Weekly meal prep: Mastered. [Infographic] via Precision Nutrition
  7. A Larger Muscle is a Stronger Muscle Due to Increased Strength and Leverage via Andrew Vigotsky, Bret Contreras
  8. 2 Squat Cues That Pretty Much Work For Everyone via Tony Gentilcore
  9. Why MyFitnessPal is Ruining Your Fat Loss Mike Samuels
  10. Learn To Grind via Mike Tuchscherer
  11. Common Injury Sites and Clever Workarounds: Part I – The Upper Body via Travis Pollen, Eric Bach
  12. Sometimes You Have To Do – What You Have To Do via Dave Tate
  13. Dangerous Fitness Traps That Make You Better via Bryan Krahn
  14. So Now Kale is Bad For You? via Born Fitness
  15. Tip: Do These 3 Mobility Drills for Better Squats via Martin Rooney
“Don’t complain about the things you are not willing to work hard to change.”
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