Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 11/8/2015

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

It’s been a busy with with a ton of awesome fitness info.

This weeks edition is packed with new strength tips, training videos, client highlights, and the 15 best articles from the past week.


Strength Tips & Training Videos


Client Highlight

Recommended Reading

  1. What do the data really say about essential oils? via Precision Nutrition
  2. Tip: Squeeze Your Glutes for Better Abs via Bret Contreras
  3. “One Weird Trick” to Improve Exercise Technique Instantly: Proprioceptive Stimulus -… via Travis Pollen, Dean Somerset
  4. Why You’re Not Making Progress And What You Can Do About It via Molly Galbraith, Girls Gone Strong
  5. Tip: Train Movements First, Muscles Second via Eric Bach
  6. The Deadlift: Beginner Basics via Tony Gentilcore
  7. A $150,000/yr Trainer’s 6 Regrets via Brandon LaVack, The PTDC
  8. What Matters Most in the Sugar Debate via James Fell
  9. Tip: Use Partial Reps For Size & Strength via Christian Thibaudeau
  10. Steer Clear of this “Shoulder Health” Exercise via Eric Cressey
  11. 20 Frustrated Fitness Thoughts via Tony Bonvechio
  12. 5 Things We Can Learn From Arnold About Building Muscle via Bret Contreras, Brad Schoenfeld
  13. Lifting Speed:The Biggest Mistakes In Training via Eric Bach
  14. When Pull-ups Aren’t An Option via Ross Enamait
“The only thing standing in your way between you and your goal is the bull shit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
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