Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 11/1/2015

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween weekend!

There was a ton of good fitness info this week. This week’s edition is packed with strength tips, client highlights, and 15 of the best articles from the past week.


Strength Tips & Client Highlight

Good Mornings are one of my favorites for building your entire posterior chain and for developing bigger, stronger glutes and hamstrings. With your weight on your heels and knees slightly bent, hinge your hips by pushing your butt back to the wall behind you. When your hamstrings are fully stretched, return to a standing position by standing up through your heels and squeezing your glutes like you’re trying to crack a walnut between your butt cheeks. Hit your low back and erectors more by standing in a narrow stance like your conventional deadlift (1st two reps). Try a more hip dominant variation by taking a wider stance like your squat or sumo deadlift (2nd two reps). An awesome exercise for building your deadlift, and a bigger, stronger backside. @chickenlegsnomore #powerlifting #goodmorning #deadlift #girlswhopowerlift #glutes #hams

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Recommended Reading

  1. 10 ways to get the most nutrients from your food via Precision Nutrition
  2. Fitness Pollenator: Why Do HIIT when Hypertrophy is the Goal? via Marc Lewis, Travis Pollen
  3. 5 Ways to Improve Your Powerlifting Longevity via Tony Bonvechio
  4. Scientists just found that red meat causes cancer … or did they? via
  5. Powerbuilding For Chest Made Simple via Josh Bryant
  6. Build a Brick House Backside with RDLs via Nick Tumminello
  7. How to eat right for your age. Fitness and nutrition strategies for your 20s through to your 80s. via Precision Nutrition
  8. Why I Dislike the American Kettlebell Swing via Tony Gentilcore
  9. The Only Meal Plan for Weight Loss Scientifically Proven to Work via Jordan Syatt
  10. Breaking Bad Bench T-Spine Mobilization Habits via Eric Cressey
  11. 19 Clever Ways to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget via Authority Nutrition
  12. Using Box Jumps in Your Training Program via Jim Wendler
  13. We Waited 7 Years to Open a 2nd Location…Here’s Why via Pete Dupuis

  14. How To Win or Lose at Mid-Life via Bryan Krahn

  15. The Key for Progress: Recognizing and Overcoming Laziness via Greg Nuckols

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