Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 10/25/2015

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

It’s been a crazy busy week with work and training.

I’ll start with a recap from my meet last weekend, followed by strength tips and 15 of the best articles from this past week.

Meet Recap

660, on the left was my opener.

Felt good, very light in my hands. I was happy with how this moved.

705, on the right. It felt good off the floor.

I missed the lift due to the bar going up and down. My callous ripped on this attempt and I think that the bar sliding in my hand was what caused the up and down.

While I didn’t get whites for the lift, it was my first competition sumo and I’m glad I locked it out.

It was a weird training cycle. A couple months out from the meet I tweaked my back and thought I would have to pull out of the meet. I ended up switching to sumo which felt much better on my back.

While I did not hit the numbers I had hoped for this time, it was still an awesome experience. I got to compete and share the platform with friends and some amazing lifters.

My back is feeling much better now and I plan on going back to conventional and hitting the platform again in March or April.

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I was really happy to see three of my clients perform exponentially well last weekend! A big congrats to Scott, Nick, and Eric for all PR’ing big at their meets!

I wasn’t sure the video would fit on Instagram when he sent it to me. I want to give a huge congrats to my friend and client @rosenthalec on hitting a new PR total and grinding out one of the most badass deadlifts I’ve seen at the USAPL Raw Nationals. Absolutely awesome job! #powerlifting #deadlift #Repost @rosenthalec with @repostapp ・・・ Finished USAPL Raw Nationals with 375/275/540 in the 83kg weight class and successfully added about 30 lbs to my total from my last meet. Shown here is my 3rd squat attempt, a 10kg meet PR and 10 lb all time PR. Thank you very much to @adam_pine for the programming, coaching, and helping me stay focused through the ups and downs of training over the last few months!! #usaplrawnationals #titanbarbell

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Strength Tips


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Deadlifting big is all about optimizing your technique.

These are the cues I’ve used to find my strongest technique:

* Jumping stance. Feet approx hip width. Toes pointed out or straight forward depending on preference.
* Start with your shins a few inches from the bar.
* Make your arms long and grip the bar just outside your hips.
* Tight brace. Neutral spine. Big breath – 360° of air. Tight abs.
* Push your butt back to the wall behind you. Hinge your hips back as far as you can until your hamstrings stretch and prevent you from moving them any further. Shins stay relatively vertical the entire time.
* Grip the bar, back flat and lats tight. Create tension to the bar. Try to bend the bar over your knee caps.
* Use the weight as a counter balance. Keeping your weight back, use the bar to pull your hips down into place and drive your chest up. Build tension in your hamstrings.
* Mentally commit to the lift. Stay tight and be aggressive!
* *PUSH* the floor away using your legs. Drive your heels through the ground.
* Lock out hard. Squeeze your glutes to pull your hips through. Hump the bar and stand tall with a proud chest.

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