Good Fitness Reads of the Week: 1/4/2015


Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

There’s a ton of great stuff from this week, so let’s catch up on  what you may have missed.


New Article: Deadlift Mastery: Paused Deadlifts

Paused deadlifts have been a staple in my training and a major contributor to building my deadlift.

They’re are great for strengthening your sticking point, improving your technique, and optimizing your pull.

Training Log: Week 9


Armpit Fart for a Bigger Bench?

Here’s a quick tip on how to keep your lats and upper back tight and increase your bench press.

To practice setting your upper back and lats for the bench:

-Squeeze your hand between your armpit and feel your lats engage.
-Pull your shoulder blade into the back pocket of your pants.
-Keep a proud chest and straighten your arms while keeping your upper back and lats tight.


 Recommended Reading

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6. Are You Worth Your Net Worth? via Bryan Krahn

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10. The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Weightlfting via Eric Bach

11. Build 360 Degree Strength via Max Shank

12. 7 (Simple) Steps to Lose Fat, Without Even Trying via Nia Shanks


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