Good Fitness Reads for the Week (10/5/2014)

 I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Time to catch up on some fitness reading.

This week’s edition will catch you up to speed with strength tips and articles by myself and others.



*Variety in your training can be beneficial. It’s good to vary your volume, intensity, rep ranges, etc.

We tend to get caught up in extremes:, never doing the big three lifts, only doing the big three lifts, always chasing one rep maxes, too much accessory work, no accessory work, endless amounts of warming up, doing no warm-up, etc.

The answer often lies somewhere in the middle.


 *Quick tip for staying tight and upright during a squat.

Your upper body should be try to go up the whole time during a squat. Whether you are going up or you’re descending, your upper body is driving into the bar trying to go up.

Brace and get tall into the bar. Drive your upper back as hard as you can into the bar!

Try to break the bar over you back, pull the bar in tight and pull your elbows to your lats. While doing this, pull your chin and your upper back through the bar.

This will make the weight feel lighter and create a tremendous amount of tension allowing you to stay extremely tight and upright during the squat.


*Today’s sample upper body [bench emphasis] workout. All you need is a barbell, a rack, weights and a bench.

Pick weights you know you will hit!

[Sets x Reps]

1. Bench Press 4 X 4
2. Paused bench 2 X 5
3. CGBP 1 X 12
4. Barbell rows 3 X 6
5a. Inverted rows 3 X 12
5b. Barbell Curls 3 X 10


*Have a routine for success.

Mental preparation is a huge part of being successful. If you want to go into the gym and hit PR’s, get in the habit of doing things you know will aid your success.

Get enough sleep the night before.

Eat the pre-workout meal you really like.

Listen to the playlist that gets you fired up.

Wear the shirt that makes you look jacked.

Everyone has their own positive habits that when performed enable them to be successful.

These habits will make you more confident and set you up on the path to success. Start your routine that sets you up for success!


“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”

Article(s) by Adam

4 Tips You Need to Know for a Bigger Bench Press

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