Stronger in 60 Seconds: The Band Pull-Apart: Fixing the 2 Most Common Mistakes

The band pull-apart is a simple and effective exercise for improving shoulder health, posture and performance.

Unfortunately, it’s often done incorrectly.

Below I’ll show you the two most common ways the band pull-apart gets screwed up, how to fix it, and add them into your program.


?✅ Target your rear delts by initiating the movement with the shoulders protracted, or rolled forward.

?✅ Pull it apart keeping your chin tucked and head in a neutral position — allowing for full ROM. 

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Stronger in 60 Seconds: Generating Explosive Speed Off the Floor in the Deadlift

Simple and effective tip to improve your starting position and bar path for a stronger, more explosive deadlift.

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A common mistake is to stand too close to the bar — shins touching.

This restricts your path down to the bar — making it tough to lower the hips into a powerful position and generate speed off the floor. Start too far away and the bar will pull you forward.

In this video I’m starting with it over the center of my foot — making it easy to find my strongest starting position and explode off the floor.

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Stronger in 60 Seconds: How to Unrack the Bar for a Bigger Squat

I’ve seen tons of lifts lost from the second the bar leaves the hooks. Mistakes in the unrack lead to problems during the rep. Get started off right with a simple tip on how to unrack the bar for a bigger squat.



? Feet are set behind the bar forcing me into an arched back goodmorning position. I basically have to do a heavy back raise to get the bar out. This is a weaker position and puts undo stress on the low back.

? Midfoot’s under the bar — I have a solid brace in a neutral spine position. I can standup like I’m finishing a squat for a stronger, safer unrack.

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