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Sumo and Conventional Deadlift Technique: The 3 Most Important Rules

Look at the best deadlifter’s in the world and you’ll find a variety of different setups and techniques.

There is no one BEST deadlift technique.

There are even two completely different ways to deadlift: sumo and conventional.

You can breakdown those two styles even more: flat/round back, hip height, wide/moderate/narrow stance, head/hand/foot position, grip etc.

Even with all the varying styles, there are three rules almost any great deadlifter follows.

Skim your body with the bar

Bar path is extremely important.

Look at any great deadlifter and you’ll notice that the bar is skimming their body the entire time (or they’re trying to).

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Client Highlights


I’m excited to share the incredible progress of my clients Scott, Nick, and Scott!

Their consistent hard work and dedication really paid off over the past months.

They’re smashing huge PR’s with lots more left in the tank.

Rather than going on endlessly about their accomplishments, I’ll let the videos do the talking.

Scott L

Scott’s added almost 100lbs pounds on his total since we’ve worked together.

This guy’s so hungry and strong, I wouldn’t be surprised if he added 100+lbs more by his next meet.

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